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Ever since I first met her, all I could think about was how pretty she is. I have always wanted to get to know her, to understand her desires and goals, her fears and nightmares. I wanted to be the one that held her in his arms when she cried and share a smile with her when everything was right with the world.
We’ve known each other for a while now, as I’ve gotten to know her. There have been times that I’ve wondered just what is it that goes through that brain of hers, but over all, I can’t help but love her. There’s just something about her, her smile and her love for life. It makes me want to be by her side, to try and keep her happy and smiling no matter the situation.
The more I knew about her, the more I fell in love with her. She consumed my thoughts, took over my dreams, and her name always came out of my mouth. She bewitched me. I had to force myself to look away from her to keep from staring every time I saw her.
I couldn’t help myself, not
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Sheamus by havenprowler Sheamus :iconhavenprowler:havenprowler 1 0
I lie here on the bed, staring off at nothing. The minutes I spend like this quickly turn into hours. The music in the background repeats itself, but I barely notice the notes playing or the words the woman is singing. My eyes are glazed over from the lack of focus the brain behind them has. The synapses within are firing, but there is a lack of cohesion between the ideas sent along one after the other.
The words you had said resound in my mind as I replay every scene we were together in. The memories come and go quickly as I try to understand where things had gone wrong. I try to understand what it was I did to kill your love for me.
We used to be happy together, where it felt that the only thing we needed to survive was each other. Our time together had grown less and less, and the warmth in your arms chilled completely. Now we never talk, and this hole inside my chest grows ever bigger. The effects of this hole also expand, sapping me of my drive and desire to do anything.
You were
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Heart by havenprowler Heart :iconhavenprowler:havenprowler 0 0
The day after Raine
The day after Raine,
The light was very wane.
The very life of the world seemed dark,
As the dusk takes the lake after the leaving of the lark.
All that had been bright has lost its sweet glimmer,
Just as her green dress has lost its shimmer.
The day after Raine,
Life is now in vain.
The very essence of existence has fled,
Leaving all as soulless as lead.
Hoping to see her one time more,
Just leaves me festering like a sore.
The day after Raine,
Is full of so much pain.
The child that was in her womb,
That never was able to bloom.
The ring that has lost its mate,
Just alone, full of hate.
The day after Raine,
Nothing is there to gain.
Though the stars shine so bright,
They are dim to her own light.
The day after Raine,
Nothing but the silent, falling rain.
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On Separation
Only to be with you.
Vehemently opposed to this
Excruciating pain of separation.
Your smile fills my mind,
Open and lovely,
Uniting us, if only in thought.
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I write a lot more than I draw, as I have no talent in the visual arts.


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